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slapd cannot be killed with "kill -INT" or "kill -TERM"

We found the following problem in OpenLDAP 2.0.18, running on Compaq Alpha.
During a performance test a number of LDAP clients are simultanuously
accessing the LDAP server (slapd). When they are done and one tries to stop
the slapd with "kill -INT" (according to the documentation), the slapd will
not stop. The daemon also can't be stopped with "kill -TERM". The only way
to stop the slapd is with "kill -9", but this way the DB can be made

This problem only appears when using 2 or more clients to access the LDAP
server. When using only 1 client, there is no problem.

On Sun systems "kill -INT" works fine.

Any ideas?

Yvonne Lootsma