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Re: Is this valid in openldap? in ldap?

This is a good book:


The value part of an attribute is usually just payload and does not need to be 
unique unless it appears in the DN. The DN is guaranteed to be unique since no 
two siblings have the same first name. Since the attribute names are different, 
the values can be the same, eg:




can both be valid together.


Quoting Oliver Pabst <olpa-openldap@sybcom.de>:

> i have a tree with folllowing structure:
>    dc=1, dc=2
>    a1=a, dc=1, dc=2
>    a2=a, dc=1, dc=2
> although the attributes a1 and a2 are different, can I represent the two
> last entries... or since the value is in both cases "a", the entries are
> bad!
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