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From my perspective, nothing works

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I was hoping to use LDAP as my central user database for PAM authentication,
apacehe authentication, and a few other things (perhaps email stuff). The
only problem so far that I can see though is that while my slapd reports
that everything is working, and all requests are answered according to the
logs, nothing works yet.

I set up my ldap tree according to what I gather to be the 'standards', but
I havent found any example trees to be even remotely sure that I am doing it
right. If I take a PAM machine and set it up to use ldap, ldap always fails;
the same happens for lib_auth_ldap with apache, and ldap authentication on
my OSX mac.

I'm looking for a way to debug out ANY of these autenticators to tell me why
it failed. The logs that I get are always something like 'authentication
failed', but I would like more information. Was the username field missing?
did the passwords not match? Was it the wrong encryption type?

Anyone know how to get these answers? Did I miss a document somewhere?


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