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search problems with (&(uid=user)(objectClass=posixAccount))

I'm building a new ldap server to replace our old
openldap-2.0.11/samba-tng server with a new openldap-2.0.18 build with
samba-head configured for LDAP.

My problem is that after I imported my ldifs from the old tree, (and
converting samba entries where necessary), I cannot find any entries
when I search with this string (which is used by nss_ldap):


ldap reports no entries found.  However, (uid=torriem) and even
(objectClass=posixAccount) both show that entry does indeed exist.  I
can even search using:


That finds my entry fine.  My question is, what have I done wrong so
that ldap can't find the entry when I constrain it with posixAccount,
even thought the entry clearly is a posixAccount objectclass type.


Public key available from http://students.cs.byu.edu/~torriem

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