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Re: Slapd Crashes on Asertion Failed

> > I am running slapd 2.0.18 <<stable>> and when I attempt to run a PHP
> > modify query against the ldap, it crashes the server with an assertion
> > failure on schema check.
> >
> > slapd: schema_check.c:45: entry_schema_check: Assertion `a->a_vals[0]
> > != ((void *)0)' failed.
> Wow, I reported this for... 2.0.14? (maybe .15), and it's still not fixed?

well, the fix is very easy: bail out everytime garbage comes in; however,
I think it's better to stop the garbage at the door rather than when
it's already in.  I couldn't reproduce the problem with any of the
tools/library calls, so the problem should be with YOUR client.  You
were expected to provide a complete dump of the BER code that caused
the crash, I suppose.  That would really help.