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multiple slapd Accessing one data area

 Hi Dear List,
is it possible in openldap1.2.9 for multiple slapd on different systems to access one data area ( all the .dbb files)  if yes where do i specify it.

one option that i can think of now is mounting via nfs,
and what i have done is 

on machine A i have ldap server with data in /aaa directory. now from system B i mount the /aaa of machine A in Read/Write Mode and in the slapd.conf file i give the directory as the mount point. when i start the servers on both the machines i am able to perform search successfully, but any modification, add or del are only getting reflected when i restart the server. is it the problem with the File system r the underlying database "locking" mechanism. can someone make this clear to me.
Or do we have other options.
 Thanks in advance