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querying attributes filtered on the tree attributes


I would like to know how, if possible, get attributs depending on an
attribut in the tree.
let say I have :

dc=foo,dc=bar -> ou=domain1 -> ou=mail -> mail=foo@bar.com -> mail=another@bar.com and

dc=foo,dc=bar        -> ou=domain2    -> ou=mail -> mail=foo@something.com

under ou=domain1, I add a special a attribut like "ml=mailing1@foo.bar"

I would like to make a query which will retrune the email address of
every entry under "ou=mail, ou=*, dc=foo,dc=bar", where ou=domain1
contains "ML=mailing1"

The purpose is to be able to deal with mailing list build on the tree,
and not the final user:
when I mail to "mailing1@foo.bar", the mail is forwarded to every user
under "ou=domain1, dc=foo, dc=bar"

I hope i'm clear enough .... :)

so how ????