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Multiple ldap servers, ssl, and dns round robin?


I have 4 ldap servers that I would like to put in a 
dns round robin for performance reasons. 


I would like to use the name "ldap.xpedite.com"
as the dns round robin name. 

ldap1 is the master ldap server and the rest are replicates. 
They currently replicate using ssl which I need to keep. 

The ssl certificates where generated using a FQDN. 
Example: ldaptest1.xpedite.com

Replication via ssl works great and ssl transactions to each 
server individually using their real FQDN work well. When I 
attempt to access the round robin as ldap.xpedite.com, ssl
transactions refuse to work. I realize that it is failing 
because the cert is generated for the FQDN of the individual
server.. not the round robin name (ldap.xpedite.com). 
Is there a way I can give a server multiple names in a cert
such as ldap1, ldap1.xpedite.com, ldap.xpedite.com, ldap, IP Addr, etc..
so the client will accept the cert if it is called by
ldap1.xpedite.com or ldap.xpedite.com, or etc.. ? 
Some sort of aliasing in ssl certs perhaps? 
I am using openssl to generate and self sign the ssl certificates.

Thanks for any assistance you can offer..