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Re: problem with database sql for ldap


> i am using openldap-2.0-15  with backend mysql.
> i have installed mysql already
> and added the data according to the concept file of
> doc
> ...
> and started the slapd server but :-((
> did not work. can anyone tell me where am i going
> wrong
> Help please
> ==>backsql_db_open(): testing RDBMS connection
> ==>backsql_get_db_conn()
> ==>backsql_open_db_conn()

well, you've cut your logs on most interesting point ;) what was next to
these lines?..
Did it write out anything else? If it did - please post these messages..

Also, why would you use OpenLink to connect to mySQL server, when there is
good old plain ODBC driver for mySQL - myODBC?..