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Re: performance problems with nss pam ldap


I am still seeing a major performance problem when doing some queries on my group information which is stored in ou=Groups,dc=domain,dc=com. To be more specific, I am doing apache auth with pam which is using
nss which is getting its information from ldap. (phew)

The normal auth (username and password) seems to be fine. I have been using that with my imap server for a long time now. I just now am starting to use groups which is rather slow.

I went ahead and created some indexes. I am not seeing a difference. Here is what I did:
Put this stuff into my slapd.conf:
index default pres,eq
index objectClass,uid
index cn,memberUid,uidNumber,gidNumber eq

Restarted the server in read-only mode by adding this to my slapd.conf:
   readonly       on

I ran this command:

This created some dbb files for me in my ldbm directory.

Did I miss anything? Also, how often or should I reindex?
It appears as if www.openldap.org is down.

Thank you!

Roel van Meer wrote:

Terry Davis wrote:

haha, and if I have none.

ok, go ahead, smack me.

I'd rather you give some feedback on the howto if you can spare the time. I'm trying to get the project going again, but i need some input for that.



Terry Davis wrote:

Hello!  I am seeing some big performance hits when I attempt to do group
auth against my ldap server.   When I do normal auth, without any group
queries, it is very fast.
I have user information in:

and group information in :

What can I do to debug this?

I can make any of my config files available.   Thank you!

This may be caused by not having the right indexes in slapd.conf.



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