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RE: Optimalization in OpenLDAP

index objectclass eq
The actual data is simply payload to ldbm, so retrieval will be
extremely fast. You will be bound by your hard disk IO and not the LDAP
The bad news is that the ordering of data will not be predictable. This
is not a good way to perform a backup since you would not be able to do
a ldapadd < foo.ldif. The parent object will almost certainly not exist.

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	From: Geert Van Muylem 
	Sent: Tue 11/20/2001 3:25 PM 
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	Subject: Optimalization in OpenLDAP

	Suppose that I want to download a complete tree in OpenLDAP...
	=> filter: "objectClass=*"
	How can I optimize OpenLDAP to do this download?
	Is it with the index value in the slapd.conf?