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Re: Schema and Attribute define??

--On Donnerstag, 15. November 2001 20:51 +0800 ldap <ldap@mosotech.com> wrote:

I am defining my attributes.
Some of my attributes are of type
1) Boolean

2) Generialized Timestamp
EQUALITY generalizedTimeMatch ORDERING generalizedTimeOrderingMatch SYNTAX

3) Binary
Such attributes have an octetString Syntax in LDAPv3:
EQUALITY octetStringMatch SYNTAX

Do anyone know how to define their "EQUALITY" and "ORDERING" rule from

I learn that Ldap will use the matching rules defined in the attribute.
Could I tell ldap to search with different matching rules in runtime??

LDAPv3 offers a feature called extensible matching which will let you do this. IIRC it is not implemented in the OpenLDAP server.

And after I define my own schema file, does Ldap provide any tools
to check the file or any other method available to check the definition
of customed defined attributes and obejctclass for any errors??

Sort of. You include your schema fine in slapd.conf and restart slapd. If it doesn't complain you're ok.

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