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Re: backend speed of berkeley db compared to mysql


> Does anyone have any experience as to whether mysql makes for a faster
> backend to OpenLDAP than the default Berkeley db 3?

It depends very much on what database structure you map to LDAP, what level
of complexity your DIT will have, and what queries would you run.
I'd say that if you deciding what backend to use in a clean setup - it will
be easier and most probably a lot faster to use BDB backend.

There is a FAQ on the site which talks a little about big problems which
arise if one tries to implement ALL the features of directory model in
Primary purpose of RDBMS backend is to map some RDBMS data you already have
(used by other "legacy" apps), to LDAP DIT.

As for mySQL as backend RDBMS - it does not comply to several important
SQL92 features back-sql relies on, and limits functionality to read-only.

If you are trying to improve performance using back-sql - try in-memory
RDBMS like TimesTen instead of mySQL - guys here posted that back-sql with
TimesTen overperforms BDB backend ;)

WBW, Dmitry