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Re: replication question (please help)

"takumi kubota" <tkubota@pfu.fujitsu.com> wrote...
> I have set up one master server and one slave server.

[ snip ]

> However, client to the slave server does not work good.
> To my knowledge,  if client gives an updaterequest to slave
> with updateref in the slapd.conf,
> slave gives the request back to the master via the client.

think you missunderstood smth. here. (more below)

> The command I used was below:
>  # ldapmodify -h slaveserver -D "cn=root, dc=tokyo, dc=co, dc=jp"
>  -w secret < /tmp/person.file
> After the command,  the client gave me no error massages.
> NOTHING has changed on the slave and the master, however.

as supposed, i'd say. when you try to update a slave server, the slave just
responds with an referral message, that tells the client to direct the
update request to the master server. from my knowledge ldapmodify does _not_
automatically rebind to the master, you'll have to handle this on your own.