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replication question (please help)


I am a newbie on the OpenLDAP server. 
I have set up one master server and one slave server.

Everything seems to works fine if update is from client to the
master(see the command below i typed in).

 # ldapmodify -h masterserver -D "cn=root, dc=tokyo, dc=co, dc=jp"
 -w secret < /tmp/person.file

However, client to the slave server does not work good.
To my knowledge,  if client gives an updaterequest to slave
with updateref in the slapd.conf,
slave gives the request back to the master via the client.
And slurpd gives the request to the slave.
So master and slave update thier data.

The command I used was below:

 # ldapmodify -h slaveserver -D "cn=root, dc=tokyo, dc=co, dc=jp"
 -w secret < /tmp/person.file

After the command,  the client gave me no error massages.

NOTHING has changed on the slave and the master, however.

Please tell me how I can update the data on slave server.
Thank you.

from tak