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Re: May OpenLDAP client use a domain socket instead of a TCP socket?

Hi Luke,

thanks for replying so fast!

On Thursday 01 November 2001 23:48, Luke Howard wrote:
> >a) Is the feature is still there and
> Yes. Configure with --enable-local; use the ldapi:// URI scheme to
> get a local connection.

Thanks, that's what I had hoped.

> >b) Might it become an officially supported feature instead of just
>     an undocumented one?
> OpenLDAP is a volunteer effort, so I'm not sure what you mean by an
> "officially supported" feature.

Oh, nothing special, just a feature that is part of the OpenLDAP
documentation and has a good chance not to disapear silently. :)

I might well be wrong but I was told that this --enable-local feature
in not documented so I was kind of afraid it might be an insider's hack
that might be remove some day...


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