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Re: Recursive Groups

"Mark R. Diggory" wrote:
> Pierangelo,
> > I don't think so; it could be done by adding a "recursive" flag
> > to the group membership ACL, which could cause group membership
> > check (backend_group ) being called repeatedly.
> Where can I find info on configuring this flag?

Talking in principle: we may add the flag to the __CODE__ :)

> Yes, I agree it could become a nightmare. But, I expect to have << 50 groups
> in each ldap server. So I don't think that would be too risky to try. Thanks
> for your response.

well, it'd require some hacking, and changing some backend api too.
Have a look at backend_group (servers/slapd/backend.c) and its use
in servers/slapd/acl.c.


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