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Re: System user names in OpenLDAP with all digits: problem?

At 08:12 PM 2001-10-25, Nick Urbanik wrote:
>we still have the OpenLDAP server going to stratospheric CPU usage at
>the start of each laboratory, but with nscd running, it seems almost
>tolerable.  My desperation has lapsed into an exhausted resignation that
>no one on this list uses LDAP to authenticate college computers,

You might try a list more focused on the LDAP applications and
other utilities you are using.   In particular, the nssldap@padl.com
list may be of assistance.

>However, I want to ask if anyone knows why shadow-utils rejects user
>names that start with a digit.

Not being familiar with Linux system admin tools (I don't use
Linux), I can only guess.  I'd guess the tools are protecting
the large number of applications which use the first character
to distinguish between a user name and user id.

>Could this be causing the 99.9% CPU usage from slapd?

I don't see such would have any significant impact on the
operation of slapd.   It's more likely you are running into
other problem(s) such as a file descriptor limit busy loop.
If that's your problem, then this experimental patch might