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Re: Schema question

"Jatin Nansi" <jatin.nansi@timesgroup.com> wrote...
> Basically I would like to use an OpenLDAP server as an authentication
> / addressbook server for the network.
> Now most of the attributes that should go for an addressbook entry
> are given in inetorgperson.schema and all authentication related
> information is given in the nis.schema. So I was thinking about how
> to tie both these together. There are 2 approaches I can think of:
> 1) Create 2 seperate subtrees for Addressbook and authentication(passwd)
> information. This information can be tied together with the uid
> field present in both the schemas.
> 2) Mix all attributes of the 2 schemas together and create a hybrid
> schema.

no no no.. you can use both schemas easily.. just include them in slapd.conf
and specify the appropriate objectclasses for each entry you want to store..