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Schema question


I am new to using OpenLDAP. 

Basically I would like to use an OpenLDAP server as an authentication
/ addressbook server for the network. 

For this I was going through the schema definitions as provided
with the default install in etc/openldap/schema.

Now most of the attributes that should go for an addressbook entry
are given in inetorgperson.schema and all authentication related 
information is given in the nis.schema. So I was thinking about how
to tie both these together. There are 2 approaches I can think of:

1) Create 2 seperate subtrees for Addressbook and authentication(passwd)
information. This information can be tied together with the uid
field present in both the schemas.
2) Mix all attributes of the 2 schemas together and create a hybrid

What I need to know is: what (if any) is the standard way of 
doing this, or is this left upto the person implementing the system.
Specially since I would like to use any administrative utilities
(like gq), and it helps if I follow whatever scheme is already
being followed. 

Please provide any information you can regarding this, and how 
you have implemented similar scenarios.

Thank you and regards