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Object class violation: "descriptive text" (was: Newbie configuration problems)

"Kurt D. Zeilenga" wrote:
> The logs indicate you are adding entries which do not conform
> to schema.  In particular, you appear to be adding entries which
> are missing required attributes.   These errors are reported to
> clients with reasonably detailed descriptive text.

I take the term "descriptive text" as shameless plug for a feature

If I'm modifying an entry I get back the info
"Object class violation: Maybe a required attribute is missing or
some of the given attributes are not allowed.".

But there's a much more helpful message written to the log detailing
what was wrong. 

"entry failed schema check: object class 'posixAccount' requires
attribute 'uidNumber'".

Now I'd really like to see this message to be provided in the
response as descriptive text. Is that possible?

Ciao, Michael.