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Re: Newbie configuration problems

At 04:07 PM 2001-10-19, Andre Valente wrote:
>I have been trying to configure my RH 7.1 Linux machine to act as an
>LDAP server, so far with limited success.
>I installed openldap version 2.0.11 from the rpm on the RedHat site.
>Changed the slapd.conf file to my domain (see attached). The problem is,
>I simply cannot make ldapadd work. I found out that the server is up - I
>am able to connect as Manager from an LDAP browser on a Windows machine
>- but all requests to either get details or add entries are refused. I
>ran the slapd with debug level -5 and created a file (attached). I read
>the manuals and searched on the list archives, but haven't been able to
>figure it out. Maybe I am looking for the wrong kind of problem...

The logs indicate you are adding entries which do not conform
to schema.  In particular, you appear to be adding entries which
are missing required attributes.   These errors are reported to
clients with reasonably detailed descriptive text.

I recommend you start with the Quick Start Guide...