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Re: Non-english characters and searches

Yea, it would be nice that Openldap can support local languages, and do the language <->utf8 translation according to the locale server is running.  However, it is really not that difficult to deal with it. In perl and python for instance, the adapters (perl-ldap and python-ldap) have the capability to do this translation( at least with the patch I submitted), and the application don't have to deal with it. Nevertheless, there are tons of applications in C/C++ will not working properly, such as gq, you need to convert them one by one to do the character encoding/decoding, which is really painful although not very difficult.   If one application, OpenLdap, supports I18n,  tons of other applications can suport I18n too, without any changes.  I realy wish I had the time to study OpenLDAP and hack this out.


On Fri, 19 Oct 2001 15:23:46  
 Peter Gebauer wrote:
>How can I make OpenLDAP store and search on non-english characters like
>åä?, etc?
>I pressume that there IS indeed support for this in both storing such data
>and searching on it without having to encode my string data since it is
>plain stupid doing things like data encoding in application level.

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