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problem with slapadd on a multiprosessor system

I have a problem with slapadd.

I try to import an ldif file with "slapadd -c -l <file>". 
This is the second import on this system. This first import was OK, so the
second (different) import is performed on a not-empty database.

This gives a segmentation fault on our system: a Compac Proliant ML370 with
two processors.

When I perform this same second import (with same not-empty database) on a
different Compac Proliant ML370 with one processor or on a Compaq deskpro
(with one processor) the import is OK.

Does slapadd have problems on a muli processor system?
Are there other openldap weaknesses on multiprocessor systems?

I use Openldap version 2.0.15; Berkely database version 3.2.9 and RadHat
Linux 7.1.

Please help me!



Gerrit van den Hul
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