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Adding Entries to a directory

Please forgive my ignorance. I'm just beginning to learn about LDAP. I am using OpenLDAP 2.x
My question is: Do I have to create an ldif file with the different details every time I want 
to add an entry to the db or is there another way of doing it?
For example, I have this one below:

dn: dc=Wananchi, dc=com
objectclass: dcObject
objectclass: organization
o: Wananchi Online
dc: Wananchi

dn: cn=wash, dc=Wananchi, dc=com
objectclass: organizationalRole
cn: wash

Suppose I want to add details for "user" with everything else remaining the same, what would
be the format of my ldif??



S y s t e m s   A d m i n i s t r a t o r
 Odhiambo Washington                            \\\\               
 Wananchi Online Ltd.,                          `\\\\\             
 1st Flr Loita Hse, Loita Street                 |\\\\\            
 PO Box 10286,00100-NAIROBI,KE.                   \\\\\|__.--~~\   
 Fax: 254 2 313985-9                           _--~            /   
 Fax: 254 2 313922                           /~ //////  _-~~~~'    
 E-mail: wash@wananchi.com                  ('-//////-//           
 URL	: http://www.wananchi.com            //////(((-)           
 GSM: 254 72 743 223 / 254 733 744 121     /////"                  

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