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Re: Solaris 8 memory leaks

FYI, these patches or later, along with several relating to threading problems, are included in the Solaris 8 recommended patches. Recommended patches are available via ftp from sunsolve.sun.com.


On 10/15/01 2:48 PM +0800 Dale.Warren@wcom.com.au wrote:
To all those people who are using Solaris 8 and who are troubled by huge
memory usage there is now a solution.

The memory leaks are caused by the regcomp() call. Under Solaris 8, if you
call regcomp() and it returns successfully it does not free internal data
structures (variables sxp and subidx). This is a known bug and is detailed
in bugid 4341290 with SUN. To resolve this you need to apply the following
patches in order:

	111293-04 (libdevinfo patch. Required by 108528)
	108528-10 (Latest kernel patch. Revision #7 is required for 108991)
	108991-10 (libc.so patch)