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Re: Management of log file

* Puneet <waliaspuneet@hotmail.com> [20011018 09:44]: writing on the subject 'Management of log file'
| Hi all,
| Can any one help me how I should manage my log file of my ldap directory
| management other then setting of loglevel and logfile.
| My log file is populating the info correctly.(openldap ver 2.0.11 used)
| I would like to know how should I fix the max size of log file , max time 
| after which I am able to transfer the old log info to another file , I mean
| to say if my log file exceds the required quota , how should i transfer the 
| data to another file.

Is handling of the openldap logfile any different from the other logfiles?
I am asking this because for me I would just use 'newsyslog' to do that. I
run on FreeBSD and newsyslog is native. I am just at the start of learning
to use LDAP (OpenLDAP 2.0) and I haven't gone far but your question attracted
my curiosity.


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