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OpenLDAP and authentication with Java


I am looking for a server side Java program (Jndi?) which allows me to verify a user. The user enters his uid and password (both in cleartext) on a web page. Now I should verify if the user exists or not and if yes if the given password is correct or not. And, of course, connections should be secure (SASL/SSL).

Now I read in the archive: "What I do in my authentication page,
is ask for the uid and the password, then do an ldap bind according to this
if the bind works, i'm authentified. Else, I have a "no authorization"
page. I think this is a good methode as I don't have to care how password are
encrypted in LDAP." (Prune)

Does this really work? If the bind works, I'm authentified? That's it?
Can I have some more detailed responses such as wronguid, wrongpasswd, priviledged (if everything is correct)?

If anybody can confirm the above or even has some good links for additional infos or Java program examples I would be very glad.


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