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CorporateTime-Server, ACL and SLURPD

 Hi all,

i have kind of a problem with CT server and OpenLDAP. I want to install a local OpenLDAP servcie on the CT server for various reasons. The problem is, that i need replication onto the local OpenLDAP server from another LDAP server. So i went forth an configured the following:

LDAP-Master with replication and a binddn as suggested by the docs.
Local LDAP server on CT server: appropriate updatedn and the following ACS for CT server:
# Set the defaultaccess level
# defaultaccess read
access to dn.subtree="o=jvm.de"
by self write
by dn="ctCalXItemId=00001:000..,o=jvm.de" write
by * read

Unfortuanetly this only works without th euodatedn statement in the slapd.conf, but that in turn prevents the Master from replicating.

Has anybody any ideas why?


Stephan Budach

Jung von Matt AG

Glashüttenstrasse 38	20357 Hamburg
Telefon: +40-40-4321-1353	Fax: +49-40-4321-1114
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