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Re: Storing Large Objects in an LDAP Tree

You wrote:
> I think the question itself reveals a misunderstanding of when and why to
> use
> a Directory. Go back to the telephone analogy - a telephone directory tells
> you how to locate something, but doesn't store the thing itself. There's
> nothing in the protocol to prevent you from doing this, but I don't believe
> it's the right approach.
I agree that putting 100MB in your LDAP is a bad idea ;) However, if 'the thing'
is only a few kilobytes, it might not be suxh a bad idea.

Consider the situation that you put a pointer in the ldap to a file. You'd
have to retrieve it seperately, creating more overhead than it's worth,
especially if you have millions of entries..

Of course, LDAP is intended to be a directory, but don't let intentions
stop you from doing cool stuff...

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