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RE: How get statistics about what is being looked up?

Yes, increase your logging. Try level 1 or 32, which levels correspond to
function calls and search filters. Or use both. With logging turned on, do
the sorts of actions that you expect your users to do, e.g. a login. Send
the logs of those actions to the group.
These are not statistics per se. Rather they show exactly what your server
is being asked to do.
Also send the part of your slapd.conf that lists indexes.

Out of curiousity, have you ever explicitly regenerated the indexes using
slapindex? You can't just add indexes to slapd.conf without generating the
index files.

For a quick description of how indexes must be matched to search filters,
see the FAQ on performance tuning:
The pairing is quite specific. E.g. if you're doing a substring search on
attributetype X, then an eq index on X doesn't really help.

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> From: Nick Urbanik [mailto:nicku@vtc.edu.hk]
> Sent: Friday, October 12, 2001 2:46 AM
> To: OpenLDAP software
> Subject: How get statistics about what is being looked up?
> Dear team,
> I am urgently trying to solve my 99.9% CPU usage problem, (which is
> rapidly destroying my reputation!  Picture laboratories full of
> students, unable to get started on their lab work for ten minutes).
> However, I do not understand how to obtain statistics about what is
> being looked up in the server.  Can anyone please give me some
> pointers?  Are there any external tools?
> I will now try increasing the logging level; I suspect that 
> this may add
> further to the CPU load, but perhaps I can find out what 
> indexes I need
> to add (if indeed lack of indexes is the problem).
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