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Re: connection timeout?

At 03:20 AM 2001-10-10, Jure Pecar wrote:
>On Tue, 09 Oct 2001 14:01:59 -0700
>"Kurt D. Zeilenga" <Kurt@OpenLDAP.org> wrote:
>> If you adjust the number of descriptors per process to a number
>> greater than FD_SETSIZE, you need to adjust FD_SETSIZE accordingly.
>> env CPPFLAGS="-DFD_SETSIZE=4096" ./configure
>Hm, i lived under the impression that if i change FD_SETSIZE the whole
>system must be recompiled.

Depends on the system, I guess.  If a kernel limit can be higher
than the default FD_SETSIZE, then FD_SETSIZE should be redefinable.
This allows a default suitable for the average user application,
but redefinition as needed to support server applications.  If
on your system redefining FD_SETSIZE as I shown cases warnings
or errors, you'll have to take some other approach.

>Appropriate ulimit -n change should go with this too?

As my shell's unlimit doesn't have an -n option, I cannot be sure
what -n does...

The key point is that OpenLDAP cannot not use more descriptors
than FD_SETSIZE or the resource limits imposed, which ever is

>> Maybe they aren't dead.   OpenLDAP uses TCP keepalives to kill dead
>> streams.  OpenLDAP also supports killing idle clients, see
>> slapd.conf(5).
>Are you reffering to timelimit? It says that default is 3600 seconds ...
>Well i observed some connections hanging around for days ... 

No, I was referring to idletimeout.

I note that well behaved clients should maintain connections
for as long as they need them, that can be days.