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RE: ms outlook with SECURE openldap (either tls or ssl)

I don't know, have had this problem but haven't been motivated
enough to look hard at it. A couple of times my Outlook crashed
while trying to do an SSL lookup, which pretty much told me to
give this up as another Microsoft Feature.

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> Subject: ms outlook with SECURE openldap (either tls or ssl)
> I have read through the list archives and I have seen
> this question posed many times but I havent yet seen
> an answer.  Does anyone know why Ms outlook or outlook
> express (basically any version I have tried which is
> basically all of them, including outlook that comes
> with office XP) does not work with openldap under tls
> OR ssl.  
> It works with insecure ldap on port 389 no problem,
> but it doesnt seem to want to try to negotiate a tls
> session, nor does it want to do straight SSL on port
> 636.  
> I believe that my openldap (2.0.11) on linux redhat
> 7.1 is configured properly because I am able to
> negotiate tls using the command line tool 
> ldapsearch -Z with perfect results.  I am also able to
> do straight ssl using netscape to port 636.  (after
> coercing the certificate, using the https://host:636
> trick).
> I have tried a similar trick under explorer and it
> seems to install a certificate, but alas the outlook
> just doesnt want to do tls or straight ssl with my
> openldap.
> Does anyone know how to rectify this situation?
> I also have TLSVerifyClient 0 in slapd.conf
> Thank you.
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