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ms outlook with SECURE openldap (either tls or ssl)

I have read through the list archives and I have seen
this question posed many times but I havent yet seen
an answer.  Does anyone know why Ms outlook or outlook
express (basically any version I have tried which is
basically all of them, including outlook that comes
with office XP) does not work with openldap under tls
OR ssl.  

It works with insecure ldap on port 389 no problem,
but it doesnt seem to want to try to negotiate a tls
session, nor does it want to do straight SSL on port

I believe that my openldap (2.0.11) on linux redhat
7.1 is configured properly because I am able to
negotiate tls using the command line tool 
ldapsearch -Z with perfect results.  I am also able to
do straight ssl using netscape to port 636.  (after
coercing the certificate, using the https://host:636

I have tried a similar trick under explorer and it
seems to install a certificate, but alas the outlook
just doesnt want to do tls or straight ssl with my

Does anyone know how to rectify this situation?

I also have TLSVerifyClient 0 in slapd.conf

Thank you.

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