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Are there threading issues with slapd?


We have a 'slapd' server running on windows 2000 with the ldbm backend
database. We seem to be 
encountering problems when we attempt to contact the server using more than
one client. Everything 
works great if we ensure that only one client communicates with 'slapd'. 

For instance, if we attempt to modify the directory (using JNDI) with one
client while 
browsing with another,  OR
if we attempt to modify two different directory trees (using JNDI) using 
two clients, the JNDI client(s) abort with the following errors..

Request: 6576cancelled

Request: 19cancelled

Since then, these two directories seem corrupted. Requests on this directory
even with a single 
client returns errors like the following:

: [LDAP: error code 80 - cache add failed]
LDAP: error code 80 - DN index generation failed

I can't imagine that the 'slapd' server has multi-threading issues.. But I
haven't dug deep
to see what might be the cause of this.. I know I haven't given too much
info. here, but I
was wondering if there are multi-threading issues with OpenLDAP on windows

I hope to hear otherwise and wish that this was a problem with our code or
configuration!   :)

Thanks in advance for any info..