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Re: Problems building SLAPD with backsql support

It appears that to provide sqlexecdirect etc., you will have to add another library to linker section - named odbc32.lib :)
In fact, all these issues originate in rather stupid way VC++ organizes it's projects. When project for back-sql was initially checked in, all these options were included into "higher"projects, and it built "out-of-box". But then someone who worked with windows port later decided that it is not very good to always link in experimental backend and odbc, unless somebody wants it really. So, the options were deleted, and you have to add them yourself, instead of using configure --enable-sql under unix...
I really don't know how to easily tell VC++ whether to link something in or not, without digging through a dozen of windows...
WBW, Dmitry
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Sent: Monday, October 08, 2001 5:54 PM
Subject: SV: Problems building SLAPD with backsql support

Thank you for your help on the above issue.
I have added backsql.dsp in the build project and I also found portable.h where I "defined"  backsql. But now I am stuck again 
I keep getting this linkage error when i am trying to build slapd: 
libslapd.lib(backend.obj) : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _sql_back_initialize
I tried to add backsql.lib in the linker section, but then i just got a lot of other lnk2001 such as sqlexecdirect, sqfetch etc...
Greatful for any response
Peter Simonsen
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Fra: Rajen Damani [mailto:rdamani@timesten.com]
Sendt: 4. oktober 2001 21:01
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Emne: RE: Problems building SLAPD with backsql support

Just add backsql.dsp file which is available under servers/slapd/back-sql.

Rajen Damani
TimesTen Performance Software

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From: Peter Simonsen [mailto:pts@astongroup.com]
Sent: Wednesday, October 03, 2001 6:31 AM
To: 'openldap-software@OpenLDAP.org'
Subject: Problems building SLAPD with backsql support

Hi !
I am a newbie on openldap, so foregive me if its "novice" question.
I am trying to build openldap 2.0.11 with backsql support on win2K
I have build the MSVC++ project "build" with success, but it seems not to include backsql support. 
How do I "enable" the backsql support in this enviroment.
Greatful for any response
Peter Simonsen