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Re: [openldap 1.x to 2.x upgrade?]

"David J. Ferrero" <david.ferrero@zion.com> wrote:
> I have been happily using OpenLdap 1.x for over a year. Recently I
> upgraded RedHat to 7.1 and with this upgrade, OpenLdap was upgraded to
> 2.X. My schema's no longer work as they did not use OIDs. OpenLdap 2.x
> seems to require OIDs and I did apply and receive an OID for my company
> but I'm unclear how to 'upgrade'. Is there a helpful script that might
> prompt me for the new company OID and convert the old schema's to OID
> based ones? I have not found any web documentation that details how this
> migration should be done.

The best thing to do is to go back to the old version of the software. Run
slapcat -f /usr/local/etc/slapd.conf >>database_backup.ldif

Then update the schema in the new one (this has to be done by hand... or you
can use a quick and dirty application I wrote using QT that sends it out to
STDOUT ./schmed >newschema.txt - schmed.sourceforge.net) with your new OID.
Make sure the the field names are the same!! 

Then when your sever is up and running (V2) and has been tested. Shutdown the
server and run:
slapadd -f /usr/local/etc/slapd.conf -l database_backup.ldif
slapindex -f /usr/local/etc/slapd.conf

The hardest part is going to be that middle bit. :( But everyone has to do it,
and there's much documentation of creating schema elements on the website for

NOTE!! That you dont have to remake basic elements (ie: ou, l, st). These are
all contined in the core.schema, inetorg, and cosine.schemas. So if you doubt
whether it's a basic element or not, from the schema directory run grep -il
mySchemaElement * (it'll return the filename that that element is in, or
nothing if it couldnt find it.) Then be sure to include that schema file in

Best Regards,
E. M. Recio

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