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Login Speed.

This is unrelated to my previous problems...

I am noticing less than spectacular speeds for logins, and permissions
lookups. Logins take anywhere from 1minute to 3minutes.  I am assuming
this is related the LDAP indexing and/or caching.  Here is what I'm
currently indexing in LDAP:

index default pres,eq
index ntuid,memberUid,objectClass,sn,groupRid
index cn subfinal,eq
index rid,uid,uidNumber,gidNumber eq

My cache settings are as follows:

cachesize 200000
dbcachesize 2000000

In the current samba-tng.schema (v0.0.1 2001/04/17) the attribute
uniqueMember is un-indexable. (is that a word?)  I have a feeling this
is one of the problems.  Is there a newer schema available?  Or what
changes do I need to make which will make this attribute indexable?  I
hacked up the schema file in our test environment to allow this but I
don't know if my mods were correct.  

Are there things in samba-tng that I can cache, or ... has anybody had
much success optimizing any of this?

As always, I really appreciate your help.  I can hardly believe this all
works and you all deserve congrats.


* Blake