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Re: Module for windows users authentification

>I know that it is probably not a openldap "software" question, but a
>didn' t find anything on this subject that answers to my question.
>Is there a project to add a "windows" module (like a service) to
>authenticate  clients on an OpenLdap Server ?
>I have tested pam_ldap and nss_ldap on linux, it works well.
>It would be great for a company to authenticate clients each other
>(windows and  linux or another ...) to authenticate via OpenLdap ? no ?
>could anyone illuminate my brain on this ?


I have an LDAP/Samba PDC for Windows 9x, NT, and WinY2K, works fine.  Same
server manages LDAP auth for UNIX and Linux boxes (in addition to IMAP, Apache,
Squid, etc...)

Documented lots of this stuff in my presentation -

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