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Re: LDAP Presentation For Review

>Well I would look at it, but I can't because it requires a user name and

Ah!  I went and checked.  Our LUG server is attached to the network of a local
corporation,  they permit us to do this at no charge (and they have 2 T1s :). 
But they require us to "respect" our guest-ness.  So the admin of the box has
limited the FTP server to two simultaneous anonymous connections,  if you are
three it won't let you in.  I apologize for the inconvenience and hope you will
try again in a little bit.  It usually is not a problem,  but it would appear
that suddenly several people are taking a look at my work.. :)


Systems and Network Administrator
Morrison Industries
1825 Monroe Ave NW.
Grand Rapids, MI. 49505