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RE: request for an ldap schema for mail services

the schema will be a function of the mail system design and whatever MTA
and mailbox access protocols (POP, IMAP, etc.) you choose. A canned
schema is probably useless out of the box and will need significant mods
to work right.

Check out www.nrg4u.com for a good case study and a great package.

You can also hook "standard" (libc/nss) libraries into LDAP so that a
mailer can access user info through native system calls (cloning
functionality /etc/passwd, etc.). You will need a bridge from LDAP to
the system libraries, like nss-ldap, with PAM authentication, or also
hook from LDAP into NIS into libc into mailer.

qmail-ldap has been the best IMO.


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Subject: request for an ldap schema for mail services


I've located this interesting Ldap schema intented for mail services:

it doesn't run with my slapd 2.0.11 ...need to check....

anybody knows any other similars working on OpenLdap 2.0 ?


jaume teixi.