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Trying to get a solaris8 client work with openldap + linux

After some time setting up my ldap server in linux, everything works
fine, but when i try to make solaris a client to the same openldap
server, it just does not work. The things ive tried is :

1: made a /var/ldap/ldap_client_file and ldap_client_cred
2. Made a profile ldif with ldap_gen_profile in solaris (the
profile.ldif attachment)
3. added the solaris.schema to my ldap server. 
4. added the profile.ldif to my server. 
5. startet the ldap_client program in solaris with "ldapclient -v -P
default <My ldapservers ip>"

Everything works just as it suposed to (i thing though), the
ldapclient dumps this to the screen:
findDN: __ns_ldap_list(NULL, 
rootDN[0] dc=kongsberg,dc=com
found baseDN dc=kongsberg,dc=com for domain kongsberg.com
Servers addresses <My server ldap ip>
About to configure machine by downloading a profile
save sysinfo
save stat(/etc/nsswitch.conf,
save /usr/sbin/nscd -K
save /usr/bin/pkill -9 nscd
save rename(/etc/nsswitch.conf, /etc/nsswitch.conf.orig)
save stat(/etc/defaultdomain,
save rename(/etc/defaultdomain, /etc/defaultdomain.orig)
save stat(/etc/.rootkey,
No /etc/.rootkey file!
save stat(/var/nis/NIS_COLD_START,
No /var/nis/NIS_COLD_START file!
namelen 13
save stat(/var/yp/binding/kongsberg.com,
No /var/yp/binding/kongsberg.com directory!
download save() of systems configuration suceeded.
download ret 0
download /bin/cp /etc/nsswitch.ldap /etc/nsswitch.conf
----> You will now need to reboot your machine.

So i assumes that in the next reboot, passwd autentification would
work in the same way as it does in linux. 
But no. when i reboot, the system boots, and i have to use my local
user which is in /etc/passwd instead of the
ldap user which should be used, and yes i have checked my
/etc/nsswitch.conf file and it says passwd: ldap files group: ldap
files so the problem should not be there. something that may or may
not matter is that i uses crypt as passwd on my server, but in my
profile.ldif file the {NS1}c53708877bc6 was created (does not know
what the NS1 is?)

Anyone have a clue about what i am doing wrong, or where i can start
to search for errors?
ive added the profile.ldif file as a attachment so anyone can se if it
is totaly wrong or if I am just missing some simple points here...