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Re: LDAP client question .

LDAP, like DAP, is a protocol for accessing an X.500 directory.
A standalone server, such as slapd, still must act in accordance
with X.500 (but isn't required to support DAP [X.511]).

Anyways, ud(1) is kind of a funky client.  I generally suggest
you toy with ldap*(1) tools to get the hang of things.  Otherwise,
look in the FAQ for a list of numerous other clients.

At 11:33 AM 2001-08-29, Hemlata Ahire wrote:

>Hi All,
>I have couple of questions .
>I have set up the OpenLDAP 2.0.11 server .Now i wanna test it using a
>generic client .
>I found ud .But the doc suggests that it is a  X.500 directory  client .so
>my question is whether this can be used with OpenLDAP ? I tried installing
>this client but it gives me an error saying "The X.500 Directory is
>temporarily unavailable.  Please try again later."
>So does this suggest that the directory server should be a X.500 ?
>Next ,what are the other generic client that can be used with OpenLDAP? I
>wanna use that opens up a LDAP connection only once and then accepts
>requests for read/modify ( Reason is i intend to have modifies quite often
>that change only an particular attribute ).
>Any suggestions are welcome ..
>Thanks ,
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