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LDAP client question .

Hi All,
I have couple of questions .

I have set up the OpenLDAP 2.0.11 server .Now i wanna test it using a
generic client .
I found ud .But the doc suggests that it is a  X.500 directory  client .so
my question is whether this can be used with OpenLDAP ? I tried installing
this client but it gives me an error saying "The X.500 Directory is
temporarily unavailable.  Please try again later."
So does this suggest that the directory server should be a X.500 ?

Next ,what are the other generic client that can be used with OpenLDAP? I
wanna use that opens up a LDAP connection only once and then accepts
requests for read/modify ( Reason is i intend to have modifies quite often
that change only an particular attribute ).

Any suggestions are welcome ..
Thanks ,

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