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new configuration?

ok, I've got my openldap server installed on a debian box.  I have it
configured, I loaded a basic company organization and want to put some user
info in it, etc.  

There's one problem.  I think I've got it hosed up.  I've gotten some great
help from Richard Lucas and I'm trying not to tick him off so I'm hoping
someone else can give some info or directions.

Using GQ, it sees my server "ghost" as I named it in GS,  under browse it

"DC=RAINDANCE,DC=COM" and that's it.  The schemas are empty, nothing below
that in
browse, etc.  I can't add a new template as it says no schema found.  The
window is empty.

I open my slapd.conf and it lists 2 files for schemas, both exist and have
what appears to be valid info in them (I haven't mucked with those) though.

Thoughts?  Anyone have an example slapd.conf for a simple company I can
check, maybe an initialization ldif I can load after modification?

I've read the HOWTO's and quick start guide.  It seems to make sense, but
obviously something is wrong, likely something I've done, so I'm looking for

Thank you,