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Re: when do OpenLDAP updates the gdbm ?

On Tue, Aug 28, 2001 at 03:36:43PM +0200, Spinoglio Luigi wrote:

> I access my DB through clients (Netscape and GQ) OR command line (slapadd or
> ldapmodify), BUT when I change it with clients I see changes in them, BUT
> NOT using slapcat, using cl is the opposite, I see changes using slapcat,
> BUT NOT in Netscape and GQ.

> I already use the dbnolocking option in the slapd.conf:
> # dbnolocking option
> dbnolocking

Why? Have you tried without this set? Based on the admin guide, it sounds 
like both dbnolocking and dbnosync would be options to avoid. Also you 
should not be using slapadd on a database if slapd is running.