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when do OpenLDAP updates the gdbm ?

Hi all again,
  I really hope someone can clear my doubts.

I'm using a gdbm (GNU ldbm), backend for my 2.0.7 OpenLDAP on a RedHat Linux
I can't understand the way changes to entries are stored in the DB.

I access my DB through clients (Netscape and GQ) OR command line (slapadd or
ldapmodify), BUT when I change it with clients I see changes in them, BUT
NOT using slapcat, using cl is the opposite, I see changes using slapcat,
BUT NOT in Netscape and GQ.

when I stop and restart slapd I see changes in the first case (Netscape and
GQ), but not in the second (slapcat not updated).

I already use the dbnolocking option in the slapd.conf:

# dbnolocking option

nothing changes reindexing.

* do I have to configure and use a replica (thus also slurpd) of my DB, and
tell the slurpd to update it on very change to be sure to see what I modify

* could anyone tell me how OpenLDAP updates the gdbm (or where I can find
documentation about) ?

thanks in advance.