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RE: PLEASE HELP! maximum size of DB in 2.0.7

1) The backend db is the vanilla db that comes with the
directory (dbb the Berkley db).
2) we wrote at ~3Gig file on the XFS filesystem.

3) we will try FreeBSD but (given 2) we shouldn't be having
trouble with large files.

Thanks guys for all your help (sorry to reply directly, I just
hit reply on my mailer (forgetting that the personal address is
on there))

Also another limit question:
  It seems that openLDAP 2.0.11 in this case (with the berkley
db) can support a maximum of 20273 values to an attribute.  The
same test on iPlanet 4.1 showed that it could do AT LEAST 99999
values to an attribute.  I know that a large number of values
for an attribute is bad (but it is the design I have to work
with) but I am confused- why would the limit be 20273 values?