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RE: Simple LDAP db help

Title: RE: Simple LDAP db help

I did my initial testing by hacking a copy of one of the built-in tests scripts.  I modified the populate test so that it did not exponge the entries upon completion.  The db is then left with definitions for the test subjects which can be modified and queried - simple and easy.

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Subject: Simple LDAP db help


I need to setup a simple test LDAP server that stores a username and
password for authentication purposes for WebSense. I've read the Howto and
docs and still can't find a simple example. I just need To have atleast
one user account for this test. Does anyone have a simple example config,
or can point me in the right location.

I'm running OpenLDAP 2.x on RedHat Linux 7.1.

Thanks in Advance,

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