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do I have to use a slurpd ?

Hi all, I hope it's a very easy question for someone among U all:

when I delete or add 2 or + entries to my OpenLDAP server, I see changes
using slapcat, but not using ldapsearch or clients like Netscape until I
kill & restart the slapd.
I already use the dbnolocking option in the slapd.conf:

# dbnolocking option

nothing changes reindexing. The only change is when I restart slapd
so, the question is:

* do I have to configure and use a replica (thus also slurpd) of my DB, and
tell the slurpd to update it on very change to be sure to see what I modify

* Could I be wrong in something else of my slapd.conf ?

* what else ?

PS:I'm using OpenLDAP 2.0.7 rpm from RedHat on Linux RH 7.1
Any suggestion will be very appreciated, ... & thanks a lot